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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have known Erin O'Driscoll for 7 years - both of my children, Brennan and Sydney, have attended her preschool. Erin does a wonderful job in addressing all the needs of the child - academic, emotional etc. My son was at least 1 year above all the kids in his Kindergarten class. There is structure, love and encouragement, limits and all the things needed for a great learning experience, NOT just baby sitting. Her knowledge of child development is impressive. I would recommend A Better Chance Preschool and Erin Driscoll to anyone I know.

Lisa C.

Dear Erin,

Steve and I wanted to express our thanks for the wonderful job you did over the last few years with our Emily and Andrew. Andrew started when he was just 2, and we were amazed at the wood color block puzzles he was completing at such a young age, and all of the art tools you taught them to use. We also remember how lucky we were to have found your school when Andrew learned proper table manners and how to clean up after himself--even how to take his coat off and hang it properly--these things may seem small; but were HUGE in helping our family learn and grow together!

Now, as Emily has joined your class this past year, we have watched as she admired going to school with her older brother, and she always watched the older kids' actions! I had checked out many other schools, but none had offered the classroom setting with ages 2-5 with the same teacher to nurture them as they grow! We also fondly remember the rehearsed holiday and graduation ceremonies--the kids loved working with you and of course many parents had tears of pride and joy on seeing their performance come alive.

You do so many wonderful themed projects with them, and I know they loved the wonderful outdoor adventures looking for different animal tracks and camping in the tent for nap time. We also can't forget the vast array of music running through the classroom--what a great backdrop for a new exciting day at Ms. Erin's to play and learn!

We cannot express in words how much you have meant to our entire family--of course, the children will miss you greatly. We have been astute in learning your wonderful techniques to make learning fun for the kids; and can promise you to do our very best to pass on your teaching skills to them even though we will be far away from our favorite teacher in life!

All of our best to you and yours; and to your continued success in touching many more families lives through your passionate gift of wisdom and "life lessons".

- Steve, Molly, Andrew and Emily

Steve & Molly

When Jackson first started with Ms. Erin, he had severe anxiety in large groups of people and did not speak much except at home. During just a short period of time in Ms. Erin's nurturing and loving environment, he no longer had anxiety and was very verbal in her class. As Jackson grew, it became apparent that he had trouble with speech and she worked closely with us to get him the therapy he needed. Jackson is also hyperactive and when I told her I wanted to put him on a Gluten-Free/Casein-Free diet she was more than willing to help. She truly cares about a child's wellbeing inside and outside of her classroom. She has a wealth of information on raising happy, healthy children and always offers advice, handouts and books from her extensive library.

The kids in Ms. Erin's class learn from weekly/monthly themes where they cover an extensive amount of material that includes her invaluable knowledge about the subjects and a lot of hands-on learning. They receive a very well rounded education and graduate with a start far ahead of other children. In addition to academics, Ms. Erin also teaches important life skills such as manners, stranger safety, fire safety, and others.

Now that Jackson has graduated and is in a center for after-school, I realize how much I appreciate and miss what I had with Ms. Erin. There is a lot to be said for always having one person every morning, every afternoon to see when picking up your child. You can always call the school and talk directly to Ms. Erin. She also checks e-mail during nap time so it is very easy to communicate with her. Another benefit you don't get in a big center is that the food she serves is mostly organic and always healthy. Her kids are always calm and playing nicely. There is no running, jumping and screaming when you come to pick up your child. No chaos; just hugs and kisses from your child.

I highly recommend A Better Chance Preschool over any other type of daycare center or home care. Not only does your child receive personalized care, but Ms. Erin is a highly qualified caregiver who is active and highly respected in her profession and community. 

Lisa B.

Dear Ms. Erin,

Thank you doesn't seem like nearly enough to express how much our family has appreciated all you have done for us over the past three years. When we enrolled C___ at just 1 month before his second birthday we never would have thought a "child care provider" could become such an important part of a family's life.

From very early on there has been no doubt that you love C___ and that his care and learning have been your number one priority. After spending his first 2 years either at home or with grandparents we were not sure how the transition was going to be for any of us. You welcomed C___ into your school with open and loving arms. He has learned so much at A Better Chance Preschool. We sincerely do not think there is any way he could have been challenged intellectually at home or at a standard day care facility in the same way he has been while attending your school. My son is 5 years old. He knows every planet in the solar system (and has for 2 years now), can identify and give facts about more dinosaurs than we ever knew existed and can explain how the colors in a rainbow are made. He has also learned so much about common courtesy and manners. Believe me the whole family was impressed when at 4 years old he asked to be excused from the table at Thanksgiving.

Like most everything else, every stage of childhood must come to an end. C___ will be attending 5 year kindergarten at NCCS this Fall. We feel like the past 3 years have been an investment in C___'s future. Already he has scored high on all of the placement testing. With the educational foundation he has received at A Better Chance Preschool his future is bright and we are all excited about the challenges that lay ahead. We can never thank you enough for the last 3 years. There are so many things it would be impossible to list everything in one letter. C___ has been the one coming to school every day but he is not the only one who has been learning. As a family we have all been blessed by our friendship with you.

Love Always,

Mark and Rhonda

Mark & Ronda

I have known Erin for the past seven years. Initially, she provided child care and preschool intervention for my oldest son, currently nine years old, and most recently my five year old son who just graduated from her program.

Erin is extremely qualified as a child care provider and preschool teacher. She is regularly taking continuing education classes and is very active in the local child care provider organizations. Where standards of care are concerned, Erin sets high expectations for herself, her program, and the care she provides the children. Her home is very welcoming and offers a safe environment for the children.

I have had a great relationship with her these past seven years and both my children have adored her. Most recently my five year-old was very sad to be leaving her preschool and wonderful care. She provides many creative learning activities for the children within her home and in the community when she takes them on field trips. Both my children developed cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically under her care, and were well prepared to enter Kindergaten. Miss Erin, as my children call her, is highly dedicated to providing only the best in home child care services and preschool education for the children in her care. 

Donna W.

My Son, Conley, attended A Better Chance Preschool for 2 years. Miss Erin was wonderful for him and he really flourished while he was there. She truly loves teaching and the kids seem to respond well to her teaching style. When Ms. Erin is teaching on a particular subject, say the ocean, she makes the room feel like the sea by having paper sea weed hanging from the ceiling. The kids learn about all the different types of sea creatures and come home telling you all about them. I like the fact that she spends several days on the subject and they learn all about the topic. She isn't your typical teacher - she really takes an interest in each of the children. She believes that manners are important and how we should treat each other is as well. She teaches respect for others as well as for oneself. Making the children responsible for their own actions is probably the most important thing she strives for the children to learn. She gives the kids life lessons that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I hear almost daily from my child, "Miss Erin said..." and that lets me know he is listening and learning. I feel that the time Conley spent at ABC was invaluable for his school career. He is more than ready to take on the world of "Big Kid" school and I give that credit to Miss Erin.

Jan H.

When Caroline started at A Better Chance, she was extremely shy and attached to Mommy. I did not think she was ready for full-day preschool but I had to send her because of a change in my work schedule. I chose A Better Chance because it offered the benefits of a preschool while still having the warm feeling of a home. I was delighted to see Caroline take to Ms. Erin and the school almost immediately. In the two years that she's been with Ms. Erin, Caroline has grown so much, both emotionally and academically, and I thank Ms. Erin for all that she's done for us.

There are two very fine lines that I feel a teacher must walk. The first deals with academics. In my search for a school for Caroline, I've found that we're in the age of 'super kids.' All parents want their child to be the best, and the schools are catering to that. This doesn't sit well with me because I don't want my children to be pushed to the point that they are in a constant state of stress. Ms. Erin doesn't do that. She's able to maintain the delicate balance of encouraging a child to reach his/her potential while still being mindful of that child's limitations.

The second deals with discipline and a child's emotions. Ms. Erin is able to be firm, setting clear rules and expecting them to be followed, while still making sure that the children know that they are loved. The children at A Better Chance know what's expected of them, and they always know that Ms. Erin loves them. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Erin for all that she's done and would recommend her to anyone looking for child care.

Mysia P.

Dear Erin,
I can't tell you how important the peace of mind is to know your child is LOVED and well-cared for. You have been so good to Natalie. You have cared for her and taught her social and academic skills with the care and concern you would teach your own 2 children. I'm so happy for Natalie to be going to school, but sad that she won't be with you each day. We will miss you but I want you to know how important you have been to us. 
Phyllis and Ralph

Phyllis O. (Cobb County teacher)

Just a note of thanks for the incredibly positive impact that you've had on our family over the past year and a half. We found you at a time when we were very discouraged about finding child care for Bo; and when we found you, we found the best. You have done an excellent job preparing Bo for kindergarten while providing him with a loving and enjoyable environment. We'll miss you...but Brock isn't too far behind!
Love, Scott and Joy

Scott & Joy

Dear Erin,
It is impossible to say in words how much I love and appreciate you and all you have done for Trey. You have helped him grow into such an eager and excited little boy. He has learned so much from you. I'm thrilled at how well he is prepared for Kindergarten. You are a marvelous teacher. I am thankful that both Trey and Drew have had the opportunity to have you as their preschool teacher. We love you!
- Beth (and John)

Beth K. (Cobb County teacher)

Although William has only been in your care for the summer, we are so grateful for all you have done for him. I was so concerned about returning to work, but you really eased our minds. You had your hands full from the minute our little man walked in your door. We are truly thankful for everything you have taught him (and us). You put so much time and effort into teaching the kids right from wrong, showing love and attention to each and every little one that enters your day care. Finding your day care was the best thing to happen to us.

Kyle T.

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