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FAQs About A Better Chance Preschool


What is the maximum number of children you can take care of at once?

The class is currently capped at 6 students, as that allows the level of individual attention that is key to my teaching philosophy.

My child has special dietary needs, can you accommodate them?

Yes. We serve balanced and nutritious meals, and can make accommodations for allergies or other food sensitivities as needed.

Is it your home or is it a school?

My home has a purpose-built extension that is a spacious two-room schoolhouse. This includes an appropriately sized sink and toilet, as well as direct access to outdoor play areas.

What type of monitoring / oversight are you subject to?

I am a GA Quality Rated childcare provider, subject to the same regulations and oversight as any center-based facility. I am licensed by the state of GA with both Bright from the Start and Quality Care for Children. Further, I have been ranked as one of the top 10 childcare providers in the state by these organizations.

What happens if you are sick?

A certified substitute teacher is available to fill in for emergencies or sick days.

How do you accommodate multiple ages in the classroom?

There are a number of benefits to mixed aged classrooms and this concept is used in all Montessori-based schools. The program is balanced to ensure each child's success, with older children building confidence and patience by acting as leaders, and younger children learning new skills by modeling those around them.

Got more questions? Contact me and I’ll be happy to provide the answers you need.

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