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About the Program

A Better Chance Preschool is founded on the principles established by Maria Montessori and focuses on giving children the tools and abilities to explore and contribute to their world.

The program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten, while encouraging their natural curiosity and giving them the freedom to explore their environment and interests in a structured manner. While lessons are planned in advance, we also provide the flexibility to change course as questions and/or interests arise. A beeping battery in a smoke alarm might lead to a unit on fire safety. A comparison of shoe sizes might lead to a discussion on bigger and smaller, which would in turn spark a unit on opposites. Children are encouraged to ask questions and are guided in researching the answers, with years of supportive curriculum readily accessible across all areas.

Children learn best when in an environment that feels safe and consistent to them. While flexible, our days are structured and follow a predictable flow. Expectations are clear and appropriate behavior and boundaries are reinforced, giving children the confidence to explore within the established limits and expectations.

With a maximum enrollment of 6, individualized attention is guaranteed and curriculum is tailored to meet each child at their level. Mixed ages in the classroom give children a variety of opportunities to be both the teacher and the student in their peer relationships, improving both cooperation and confidence.

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A Little About Myself

My Story

I'm Erin O'Driscoll, the founder, owner, and primary educator at A Better Chance Preschool. As a mother of two, I struggled to find a preschool I was happy with for my children. After searching high and low and trying out a few places, I realized the environment and approach that I was looking for just weren't available. So I decided to build the school that I wanted to send my children to, and A Better Chance Preschool was born.

35 years later and my children are grown and have children of their own now, but the school remains my passion. I love helping families prepare their children for the world.

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